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Charlotte Post Office renamed in honor of Julius Chambers

Congresswoman Alma Adams has successfully sponsored H.R. 4981 which designates the US Post Office facility at 2505 Derita Avenue in Charlotte, North Carolina as the "Julius L. Chambers Civil Rights Memorial Post Office".

Robert Keene, chair of the Chambers-McCain Foundation, provided the following quotes in celebration of the passage of the bill:

Julius Chambers’ longtime partner and friend, James Ferguson said,

“I’ve seen him upset at things that were not right, at injustice, but it was never a personal kind of thing. He didn’t have the focus or time to hate. He was too busy trying to make things better for people who needed help.”

“My father had worked on this gentleman’s tractor trailer. My father was a mechanic. This gentleman would not pay him, and no lawyer in North Carolina would represent my father in suing this leading white citizen of my community,” said Julius Chambers in 2002, reflecting on growing up in Montgomery County, North Carolina. That experience became the driving force in his life’s pursuit of justice.

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